Polly Plowman

Polly trained in Psychosynthesis in London during the 1980’s and has been a Psychosynthesis therapist ever since, in London at first and later from her home in a small town on the east coast of England. She became a trainer and supervisor at Re. Vision, one of the London Psychosynthesis training centres, and from the early 1990’s began visiting Gothenburg to contribute to the training here.

As result she has been a participant in the life of Psykosyntes Institutet from its very early days, and many of those who now teach here were originally her students. Almost everyone who has passed through the training to become a therapist here in Gothenburg must know her.

These days her involvement has been formalised by becoming one of the co-owners of the Institute and she is Main Trainer within its structure. This means that she oversees decisions regarding the teaching curriculum in collaboration with the other trainers, guided by the principles and values that underpin the teaching overall. She also personally teaches certain modules of the courses.

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